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What equipment do farmers need?

You already know that most farmers have a lot of different machines and equipment, but what are the basic types of farm equipment that a farmer needs?

The best equipment to start with as a farmer are a tractor, truck, and UTV. You will also need implements or attachments for your tractor that are applicable to the type of work you are doing.

Some common implements that farmers will need for their tractor are hay balers, pallet forks, and front-end loader. Check out our list of tractor implements to see more (with pictures)!

Who finances farm equipment?

Since you’ll probably be financing your farm equipment purchasing, it is important to know about common farm equipment lenders. These lenders may be government organizations, regulated banks, or financing companies.

Fundera.com has a great article that breaks down the best options for farm equipment financing currently available. On the top of their list is USDA Direct Operation Loans. To see more details about the best farm equipment financing options, read the full article.

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