Livestock hauling is an essential service in the agriculture industry. Whether you need livestock transported to a local auction or hauled thousands of miles across the U.S., you need a livestock hauling company who can adapt to your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Livestock Hauler

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hoosing the best livestock hauler can be tough, especially if you haven’t worked with one before.

The best way to choose a great livestock transporter is to ask friends about their experiences with them, read online reviews, or visit the livestock hauler in person. This will give you a pretty good idea if you’ll want to use them to haul your livestock.

Here’s some questions you can ask yourself to determine if you’ve chosen a great livestock hauler:

  • Are they clearly experienced handling livestock?
  • Are they level-headed and do they stay calm during stressful situations?
  • Can they precisely and safely control their equipment? (e.g., backing up their truck)
  • Is their equipment clean and well maintained?
  • Is the truck driver wearing clean clothing?
  • Do they have a history of being on time?
  • Do they have a history of returning phone calls and providing great customer service?

It’s also important to consider the price that the livestock hauler is charging. A cheap livestock hauler can be a warning sign and something to stay away from. They may have poor equipment, little experience, a bad reputation, or they might rush the job. It’s much better to spend the extra money on an experienced livestock transporter.

Livestock Hauling Rates

Since livestock transportation is a service used very commonly by farmers, it’s important to know how much livestock transportation typically costs.

Livestock hauling rates generally range from $2.00 per loaded mile to $4.50 per loaded mile.

A “loaded mile” is the length of the trip in which the trailer will be loaded with livestock.

Livestock hauling rates can vary depending on the length of the trip, size of the trailer, and size of the load. Smaller trailers (less than 24’) typically cost less per mile, while large, high-capacity trailers can cost more.

Although loaded miles are standard method of costing a livestock hauling job, smaller distances (e.g., less than 100 miles) could be charged hourly or include an additional loading fee. Many livestock haulers also set a minimum price for short trips, typically less than $200.

Cattle Transportation

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Cattle are the one of the most transported types of livestock in the USA. Whether they’re being taken to the butcher or to the farm show, your cattle need to be handled with skill and care.

Controlling cattle can be a challenging and dangerous task, therefore it’s important to find an experienced livestock hauler who is capable of controlling your cattle.

With hundreds of cattle haulers to choose from, Ag Service Finder is the best place to find an experienced livestock hauler near you.

We can help you find a cattle hauling company capable of handling any job, large or small.

Horse Transportation

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Many livestock haulers on Ag Service Finder offer, or even specialize in, horse transportation.

You expect high-quality care and extra comfort for your horse during transportation, therefore an experienced equine hauler with the right equipment is the best way to get your horse to its destination.

Ag Service Finder has a wide variety of haulers available to transport your horse, including specialized equine hauling companies.

We can help you find the perfect horse transportation company, according to your needs.

Find a livestock hauler by entering your location above, or contact us so we can help you find a specialized equine transportation company.

Pig Transportation

Pigs require a bit more special attention during transport than other types of livestock.

The livestock hauler must keep a close eye on the pigs’ health and overall condition. Most importantly, the hauler must ensure the pigs are kept out of extreme heat or cold since pigs do not regulate their body temperature well.

We can help you find experienced livestock haulers in your area who will take great care of your pigs during transport.

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Live Poultry Transportation

Live poultry transportation is often needed when buying new chickens or taking them to slaughter.

When transporting chickens, it’s important to be well-trained in biosecurity and humane handling practices for chickens.

We can help you find a trained and experienced livestock hauler, capable of safely transporting your live poultry.

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Alpaca/Llama Transportation

Livestock haulers on Ag Service Finder can provide safe and affordable transport for your alpacas and llamas.

Our map of livestock haulers can be used to find haulers near your origin or destination who may be looking to fill empty spots on their trip. This can make alpaca/llama transport much cheaper if you only need to haul a couple animals.

If you need to transport an entire herd of alpacas or llamas, we can help you find a livestock hauler near you with the capacity to get the job done.

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Small Livestock Transportation

Whether you need to transport a single goat or a herd of sheep, our livestock haulers can complete the job.

If you only have a few animals to ship, our map of livestock haulers makes it easy to find transporters near your origin or destination who may be looking to fill empty spots on their trip.

If you need an entire herd of small livestock hauled, you can easily find a livestock hauler in your area with the capacity to haul a large number of animals.

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Common Reasons for Transporting Livestock

  • Transporting livestock to an auction for selling.
  • Transporting livestock for slaughter.
  • Moving livestock to new grazing land not accessible by hoof.
  • Transporting livestock to fairgrounds, farm shows, and rodeo events.
  • Purchasing livestock and moving them to a farm.

Livestock may need moved a few miles or thousands of miles, depending on the reason for transporting livestock. No matter the distance, Ag Service Finder can help you find a livestock hauler willing to go the extra mile.

Livestock Hauling Laws and Regulations

Livestock haulers must follow certain laws when transporting your animals. One of the most well-known laws is called the “28-Hour Law.”

The 28-Hour Law states that animals transported across state lines must be unloaded every 28 hours to provide the animals with 5 hours of rest, watering, and feeding.

There are some exceptions to this rule, along with extensions under certain conditions. Read the full list here.

There are also requirements regarding the traceability of certain types of livestock moving across state lines. These requirements help speed up the response time and increase the effectiveness of an animal disease investigation, if one were to occur.

Also, use this tool to see state import requirements for your livestock.

Types of Stock Trailers Available

A wide variety of stock trailers are available to accommodate all your livestock hauling needs.

1. Semi Stock Trailer

Semi stock trailers are the most popular for hauling large capacities of livestock by truck. They’re best for moving the most livestock possible at a time.

The typical maximum capacity for semi livestock trailers is 50,000lbs (not including the weight of the trailer). The maximum capacity may be lower for shorter semi stock trailers.

2. Gooseneck Stock Trailer

Gooseneck livestock trailers are one of the most popular types of stock trailers. They’re best known for their increased stability and hauling capacity.

Although they don’t have an ultra-high capacity like semi stock trailers, they are more manageable and better for small and medium livestock hauling jobs. Gooseneck stock trailer capacity is typically determined by the vehicle’s towing capacity.

3. Bumper-Pull Stock Trailer

Bumper pull stock trailer can be used a transport a few livestock at a time, including cattle and horses.

They’re an economical option for transporting a couple of large livestock species, or a handful of small livestock species. Bumper bull stock trailer capacity is typically determined by the vehicle’s towing capacity.

4. Truck Bed Stock Box

Truck bed stock boxes attach to a pickup truck bed for hauling small livestock. Stock boxes may be used for small animals such as pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, and more.

Stock boxes aren’t the most common choice for livestock transportation, as they can only accommodate small species of livestock in a small capacity. Although, they can be much more economical than other types of stock trailers for hauling a low number of small livestock species.