Welcome to our directory of meat processing facilities across Colorado. Colorado boasts a strong history of livestock production, raising high-quality beef, pork, lamb, bison, and other specialty meats.

On this page, you’ll find listings that we’ve gathered of Colorado meat processing plants and slaughterhouses.

Here, you’ll only find businesses that process meat for customers. Meanwhile most other directories, like Yelp, also include meat markets and grocery butchers in their search results.

Whether you need custom slaughter, USDA-inspected processing, smoking, curing, or specialty meat processing, you can find a partner with the right capabilities and services for your needs.

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Listing Results


Most Popular Listings

Here are the most popular meat processors in Colorado.

1. Bear Creek Meat Processing

Bear Creek Meat Processing is located in Colorado Springs and has been serving the community for many years.

They process a wide range of animals, including beef, deer, elk, and other wild game.

Customers rave about their high-quality service, friendly staff, and quick turnaround times.

2. Meat Cleaver

Meat Cleaver was founded in 1976, serving the city of Denver and surrounding areas.

They specialize in custom beef and wild game processing.

Customers are happy with their fast turnaround times and willingness to explain the process and offer suggestions.

3. Otteman’s Meat Processing

Otteman’s Meat Processing has been serving Colorado ranchers and families since 1950. They’re based in Flagler and specialize in custom beef processing.

Customers of Otteman’s report a very high-quality end product, produced using their state-of-the-art equipment. Reviews also note a very clean, well-managed facility.

Geographic Distribution

There are plenty of meat processors scattered evenly throughout the state of Colorado.

You won’t find yourself driving any further than 50 miles to use a meat processor in Colorado. Most locations in Colorado will have several options to choose from within a reasonable distance.

Laws and Regulations

Under Colorado law, there are three available ways to process meat:

  1. Personal Exemption – You can process your own animals for personal/family use only.
    • Pros: Process at your own pace
    • Cons: Can’t sell meat through retail or an animal share agreement
  2. Custom Exempt – Use state-licensed facilities to process your animals for personal use only. Meat must be returned to you marked “Not for Sale.”
    • Pros: Meat can be sold through an animal share agreement
    • Cons: Most facilities may be at capacity/have waitlists
  3. USDA Inspected – Use a USDA-inspected facility to process animals and sell the meat commercially.
    • Pros: Can sell meat via retail
    • Cons: More expensive, may require transporting animals

The most recent significant change to Colorado meat processing regulations was with the Ranch to Plate Act (SB21-079) which was introduced in 2021. This act allowed for the use of animal-share agreements which increased consumer access to locally raised meats.

Carefully consider which method most appropriately meets your needs before searching for a meat processor.


To get connected in the community of Colorado livestock, you can check out the Colorado Livestock Association (CLA), whose mission is to represent the state’s livestock producers by advancing regulations and legislation for the benefit of their members. CLA members include all types of livestock producers, including cattle, sheep, dairy, swine, and other operations.

If you’re a beef producer, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is also a great resource, as they specifically advocate for cattle farmers within the state.

More information from the Colorado Department of Agriculture about meat processing can be found here.