Welcome to our directory of meat processing facilities across Michigan.

Having access to reliable meat processing services is crucial for farmers and ranchers to get their products to market, as well as consumers who want to process meat for their household.

This page features a comprehensive list of slaughter, fabrication, smoking, curing, packaging, and other meat processing operations in Michigan.

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Most Popular

Here are the most popular meat processors in the state of Michigan.

1. Cushman Meat Processing

Cushman Meat Processing has been in business for over 25 years and is located near Holton, MI. They originally started as a deer processor, but eventually expanded their services to livestock due to high demand.

They currently specialize in beef, hogs, lamb, and deer. They offer value-added services such as smoking, jerky, snack stix, and more.

Previous customers like the friendly staff, clean facilities, and reasonable prices that they offer.

2. RRR Meat Processing

RRR Meat Processing was founded in 2001 and is one of the only USDA Inspected facilities in Norther Lower Michigan.

They specialize in livestock processing, including beef, pork, lamb, and goat. They are not currently processing wild game.

Customers are satisfied with their package, clean facility, and affordable pricing.

3. Richardson Meats

Richardson Meats is a family owned and operated meat processor serving the Linden area since the 1960s.

They specialize in local livestock and wild game processing, including beef, lamb, pork, deer elk, bear, and more.

Customers say that Richardson Meats runs a high-quality, clean, and orgnaized operation.

Geographic Distribution

Geographic distribution of meat processors across Michigan is satisfactory, although spare is some areas.

Most areas will find at least one meat processor available within a 30-45 minute drive. However, there are not many facilities in Northern Central Michigan as well as the Upper Peninsula.

Laws and Regulations

In Michigan, USDA-inspected facilities are necessary if you plan to sell retail cuts within the state.

However, there are a few exemptions that may apply to you:

  1. Personal Use – The livestock owner processes their own meat, which is to be used exclusively for themselves, members of their household, nonpaying household guests, or household employees.
  2. Custom Processing – A third-party facility processes the meat for the livestock owner, which is labeled “not for sale” and can only be used for livestock owner, members of their household, nonpaying household guests, or household employees.

Be sure to assess your situation to determine if any exemptions apply to you, as this will be important when selecting a meat processor.



Michigan’s Agriculture & Rural Development department has some great resources regarding meat processing within the state. You’ll find all regulations and exemptions here, as well as resources to connect with meat processors and experts around the country.

Michigan State University also offers the Michigan Meat Network, a network of livestock producers, processors, and other industry professionals that provides resources to the community.