Why are they Called Olive Egger Chickens?

Olive Egger chickens are a distinctive and increasingly popular breed among poultry enthusiasts. These birds are not a breed in the traditional sense but are rather a hybrid, created by crossing two different breeds of chickens. The name “Olive Egger” comes from the unique color of the eggs they lay, which range in shades from dark khaki to deep olive green.

Image: Multiple olive egger eggs

Breeding and Genetics

The secret behind the Olive Egger’s unique egg color lies in genetics. They are typically bred from a hen and a rooster that possess genes for brown and blue egg layers, respectively. For example, a common cross is between a rooster from a breed like Ameraucana or Araucana (known for laying blue eggs) and a hen from a breed like Marans or Welsummer (known for rich brown eggs). The genetic combination of blue egg genes and brown egg genes produces the olive-colored eggshell.

Characteristics of Olive Eggers

In terms of appearance, Olive Egger chickens can vary significantly since they are hybrids. Their feather colors, patterns, and body shapes can differ greatly, depending on the specific breeds used in the cross. Generally, they are hardy chickens with a good temperament, making them suitable for backyard flocks.

Egg Production and Quality

Olive Eggers are prized primarily for their egg-laying abilities. They typically have good to excellent egg-laying capabilities, often laying as frequently as their parent breeds. The eggs not only stand out for their unique color but also are often large and of high quality.

Why Are They Called Olive Egger Chickens?

The term “Olive Egger” directly refers to the color of the eggs produced by these chickens. The olive-green hue is a distinct feature that sets them apart from other egg-laying breeds and is a direct result of the genetic cross between blue and brown egg-laying breeds.

Caring for Olive Eggers

Caring for Olive Eggers is similar to caring for other chicken breeds. They require a secure coop, a diet rich in nutrients, and ample space to roam and forage. They are adaptable and tend to do well in various climates, although specific care might vary depending on the traits inherited from their parent breeds.

FAQs About Olive Egger Chickens

  1. Can You Eat Olive Egger Chickens?
    • Answer: Yes, Olive Egger chickens can be eaten just like any other chicken breed. However, they are primarily valued for their unique egg-laying ability rather than meat production. Their meat quality and quantity will depend on the specific breeds used in their crossbreeding.
  2. Where Can You Buy Olive Egger Chickens?
    • Answer: Olive Egger chickens can be purchased from specialty poultry breeders or farms that focus on hybrid or unique chicken breeds. They might not be as commonly available as standard breeds, so it’s best to search for breeders online or visit local poultry shows or farmer’s markets. Some online poultry hatcheries also offer them for sale.
  3. Are Olive Egger Chickens Special?
    • Answer: Yes, Olive Egger chickens are special due to their unique ability to lay olive-colored eggs. This egg color is rare and is a result of specific genetic crossbreeding. Additionally, these chickens can vary widely in appearance, which adds to their uniqueness.
  4. How Often Do Olive Egger Chickens Lay Eggs?
    • Answer: The egg-laying frequency of Olive Egger chickens can vary, but they generally have good to excellent laying capabilities. The frequency will largely depend on the laying patterns of their parent breeds. On average, you can expect them to lay eggs 4-5 times a week.
  5. Do Olive Egger Chickens Require Special Care?
    • Answer: Olive Egger chickens do not require special care beyond what is typical for most chicken breeds. They need a safe and clean coop, access to outdoor space for foraging, a diet rich in nutrients, and regular health checks. They are adaptable and can thrive in various environments, although specific care considerations may vary depending on the traits inherited from their parent breeds.


Olive Egger chickens offer an exciting combination of beauty, utility, and novelty. Their unique egg color, coupled with their generally friendly and hardy nature, makes them a valuable and interesting addition to any flock. For poultry enthusiasts looking to add a splash of color to their egg basket, Olive Eggers are an excellent choice.